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Spangled Perch 

Scientific name: Leiopotherapon unicolour

Other common names: Spangled grunter, Jewel perch, bobby perch or cod, trout cod (QLD)

  • A very hardy species, Spangled Perch are basically carnivores, but very opportunistic feeders which survive on a wide variety of foods such as small crustaceans and aquatic insects, molluscs and plant matter.
  • Tolerates water temperatures from 5° to 44°C, and will survive in fresh water and seawater, with pH ranges from 4.0 to 8.6.
  • Will breed in dams.
  • Commonly 15-20 cm. More rarely will grow to 25 cm and 500 g.
  • Larger specimens although bony are excellent eating.
  • In aquariums they are an attractive specimen and very easy to look after.
  • Not recommended for a community tank, because of their aggression toward other fish. A tight fitting lid is required as they can jump out of the tank.


1 fish per 2sqm (2000/acre)


(ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           0-50                    50-500
3-5cm             $2.50                    $2.00
5-7cm             $3.00                    $2.50
7-10cm           $5.00                    $4.50

Spangled Perch