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Fish Stocking Farm Dams - Permitted Species

Throughout Australia, different locales have different policies to improve the survivability of stocked fish and to minimize the impacts from fish stocking on the environment.

As a result, to supply customers who have a farm dam with a non-permissible species would be against the law. Hefty fines can apply for both parties so if you’re unsure, please check with us first. We can guide you in the right direction.

For more information about what species are allowed in different regions, here’s a quick resources list.

We encourage you to contact your local Department of Fisheries to confirm what species are legal in your area plus if there are any translocation or stocking permits required

Fish Catalogue


While we endeavor to have stock all year round, there may be wait on some species depending on seasonal breeding patterns and demand. If there’s a specific species you would like, and are permitted to stock, you’re more than welcome to join our waiting list for when the next available spawn are ready.