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Redclaw Crayfish

Scientific name: Cherax quadricarinatus

  • Redclaw are omnivorous crustaceans.
  • Particularly suited to dams in permitted areas or garden ponds and aquariums.
  • Can grow up to 300-500g. Grows at the rate of 120g/year.
  • Will not burrow into dam walls.
  • Excellent eating
  • Can tolerate temperatures between 10°c-34°c and ideal pH levels between 7-8.5. 
  • Redclaw Crayfish are native to the Gulf of Carpentaria and are subject to strict rules and regulations. Heavy fines apply for stocking in dams and waterways outside of permitted areas.


(ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           50-500                    
2-5cm             $3.50                    
5-7cm             No longer available for sale

Redclaw Crayfish