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Australian Native Fish For
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Australia Wide Live Fish Delivery

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Australian Native Fish

Since the year 2000

ANFE has become one the major suppliers in Australia for native fish, breeding and supplying Australian native fingerlings for rivers, privately owned dams, aquaponics set-ups, ponds and aquariums.

Conveniently located on the northside of Brisbane in Queensland, ANFE are perfectly positioned for quick and safe delivery of live fish Australia wide.

We’ve been in the fish hatchery business since 2000.

Why Buy Australian Native Fish

There are many reasons why Aussie farmers and suburban families stock their dams and ponds with Australian native fish species. There’s also a number of other benefits and uses for native fish that you may not have yet considered.


Mozzie Control

Even stocking a smaller, suburban pond with native fish is a great way to control mozzies, particularly over the summer months.


A Guaranteed Catch

We have some of the best fighting fish in Australia so imagine going fishing with the kids or grandchildren in your own backyard knowing you’ll strike. Hours of fun.

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Fish For Dinner

We also have some of the best eating fish here in Oz. Fresh fish on hand 24/7, bred by us and reared by you.


As Pets

Whether in a pond or aquarium, some species of Australian native fish are quite striking in appearance and often preferred to other imported fish

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Make A Buck

Our fingerlings are perfect for those with a food license wishing to rear and sell fresh fish for consumption.

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The ultimate circular growing system where you keep the fish alive and they help feed your veggie garden.

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Natural Swimming Pools

The natural alternative to chlorinated or salt water swimming pools. Natural Pools are growing in popularity utilising natural stone, aquatic plants, native fish and beneficial bacteria to produce optimal water quality and a low maintenance environmentally friendly swimming pool.

For more information on creating a natural swimming pool,

Why Order Through ANFE?

We’ve been in the fish hatchery business for decades.

Being based on Brisbane’s northside, we’re perfectly positioned to deliver live fish all over Australia.

We also stock a wide range of native fish species allowing us to have available stock most months throughout the year.

If you’re not sure what species is appropriate for your location or your planned usage, let us know! We’re more than happy to chat through your options. We even offer free feeding and care advice to expand the lifespan of your fish as well as their overall health, whether you are using them for recreational fishing, aquaponics or in a eco billabong set-up.

We also accept smaller orders!

Most native fish hatcheries deal in large quantity orders of 1,000+ fingerlings whereas we’re open directly to the public!

$50 Minimum Order

Perfect for if you’re seeking just a few fish for an aquarium or smaller pond.

Up To 1000+ Fingerlings

Great for stocking small ponds up to larger dams.
For greater numbers, we can put you in touch with some of the biggest hatcheries in Australia.


Our pricing is not only extremely competitive, we’re also very transparent. Visit our price list for each species based on quantity and size.


From which species to stock through to stocking rates and feeding, we’re more than happy to guide you through every step of your live fish acquisition.

Fish Food

Yes, we stock native fish food for your convenience as well. Sold either by the kilo or in bulk, our fish food is ideal for stocked dams, small ponds, eco pools and aquaponic set-ups. Nutritionally balanced for healthier, longer lived fish.

The below prices are excluding GST

Dust / Crumble / 2mm

$15.00 per kilo

$240 for 20 KG

4mm / 6mm

$10.00 per kilo

$190 for 20 KG