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Crimson-Spotted Rainbow Fish

Scientific name: Melanotaenia deboulayi

Other names: East coast drainage Rainbow

  • Silvery, blue-grey with a luminous rainbow colouring on the tail. They have a red spot behind their eyes.
  • Rainbow Fish are omnivorous fish, particularly suited for garden ponds and aquariums.
  • Commonly 8-10cm, males can grow to 13-15cm. Fully grown in 6 months.
  • Will breed in your pond.
  • Can tolerate temperatures from 10°-34°c and pH from 5.8 – 9.0. 
  • Rainbowfish help Control mosquitoes by feeding on the larvae. Will eat small tadpoles.


2 fish per 1 sqm


(ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           0-50                   50-500
4-6cm             $2.50                   $2.50

Crimson-Spotted Rainbow Fish