When stocking a farm dam, it is important that you stock species which are permitted in your drainage area. For ANFE to supply customers who have a farm dam with non-permissible species, this would be against the law and fines can apply for both parties.

To ensure you are stocking the right species in your area, please refer to;
for information on what to stock in your dam in Queensland.

For other states, please contact your local Department of Fisheries. 


Click on the species to find out information and pricing. $50 FISH ORDER MINIMUM. Contact us for availability! 

Silver Perch
Golden Perch 
Jade Perch
Spangled Perch  
Australian Bass 
Murray Cod 
Saratoga (Leichardti) (Available to the public6-8 weeks after Spring has begun for only a short period)
Sleepy Cod  
Pacific Blue Eyes 
Firetail Gudgeon  
Purple-Spotted Gudgeon
Crimson-Spotted Rainbow Fish  
Freshwater Shrimp  
Agassiz's Glassfish 
Redclaw Crayfish  

Fish Food - Available in various sizes. 

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