Scientific name:
Oxyeleotris lineolatus
Other common names: Sleeper, Sleeper Gudgeon

  • A bottom dwelling carnivorous fish.
  • Sleepy Cod grow to around 500 grams in two years. Can grow up to 450mm in length and 3kg.
  • Sleepy Cod breed in dams. 
  • Tolerates temperature from 22°c - 27°c and pH range between 6.8 - 8.
  • A popular angling species but being slow moving, they don't offer a lot in the way of sport fishing, but are considered one of the best freshwater eating-fish around with sweet, white flesh.

STOCKING RATE IN DAM: 1 fish per 5 sqm (800/acre)

PRICING (ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           0-50                    50-500
5-7cm             $4.50                    $3.00
7-10cm           $5.50                    $4.50