SARATOGA - Leichardti

Scientific name:
Scleropages leichardti
Other common name: Spotted Barramundi

  • A carnivorous fish.
  • Best to stock on their own as they are very territorial and aggressive toward other fish.
  • Commonly 50-60 cm, to 90 cm & 4 Kg
  • Not generally considered as a table fish.
  • Tolerates temperature from 18°c - 27°c and pH range between 6.8 - 8.
  • A great sport fish for anglers, they are spectacular jumpers.  For this reason, if kept in an aquarium, there needs to be a suitably heavy lid to prevent them from jumping out, and care must be exercised when cleaning the tank.

STOCKING RATE IN DAM: 1 fish per 10 sqm (400/acre)

PRICING (ex. gst and delivery)
Available to the public 6-8 weeks after Spring has begun for only a short period.

Av Size.            0-50                  50-500
10-12cm           $80                     P.O.A
15-25cm           $100                   P.O.A
30-40cm          $140                   P.O.A