Scientific name: Maccullochella peelii peelii
Other common names: goodoo greenfish

  • Murray Cod are Australia’s largest freshwater fish.
  • A carnivorous fish, Murray Cod are a popular species for farm dams.
  • Not recommended to be stocked with other fish due to their aggressive and territorial nature and large size.
  • Murray Cod will breed in dams given suitable conditions.
  • Size: Commonly 60+cm, 3-8kg, usually to 1kg in 12 months.
  • Tolerates temperature from 8°c - 25°c and pH range between 7 - 8.
  • Maximum recorded size 1.83m, and 113kg.
  • Considered excellent eating below 8kg.
  • Murray Cod are considered Australia’s No 1 freshwater angling fish – its power and endurance are legendary.

STOCKING RATE IN DAM: 1 fish per 20 sqm (200/acre).

PRICING (ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           Price/ea <50        Price/ea >50
5 - 7cm            $5.00                   $3.00
10-15cm          $8.00                  $8.00