Scientific name: Scortum barcoo
Other common names: Barcoo Grunter 

  • A hardy species, Jade Perch are omnivores which survive on a wide variety of foods, such as zooplankton, small crustaceans, aquatic insects, molluscs, algae, duck weed and other plant material.
  • Artificial food is readily accepted from fingerling stage onwards. Note: Take care not to overfeed as they are voracious feeders!
  • Some Jades have been caught weighing in at 3.5 kg.
  • Considered excellent eating. Research on over 200 species shows Queensland Jade Perch have the highest content of beneficial Omega 3 oils than any other fish.
  • Tolerates temperature from 13°c - 32°c and pH range between 6 - 9.
  • Grows up to twice as fast as Silver Perch.
  • Very well suited for aquaponics or recirculating tank systems. 

PRICING (ex. gst and delivery)

Av Size.           Price/ea <50        Price/ea >50
3.5-6cm           $2.50                   $2.00
7-10cm            $4.50                   $4.00
300-500g         $20                      $20