Scientific name:
Lates calcarifer
Other common names: Giant perch, Barra

  • Barramundi are a carnivorous fish and a popular species for farm dams.
  • It is not recommended to stock Barramundi with other fish because of their territorial and aggressive behaviour and because of their size.
  • It is an offence to stock Barramundi in private dams further south than the Mary River catchment.
  • Size: Commonly up to 1.2m, but can grow up to 1.8m and 60 kg.
  • Tolerates temperature from 18°c - 29°c and pH range between 7 - 8.
  • Growth rate is variable but usually very rapid reaching around 600g in the first six months, after which growth slows somewhat.
  • Excellent eating.
  • Barramundi are a great sport fish – renowned for their fighting ability, frequently breaching the surface.

STOCKING RATE FOR DAM: 1 fish per 5sqm (800/acre)

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Av Size.           0-50                    50-500
3-5cm             $4.50                    $3.00
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