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  Australian Native Fish Fingerlings and Native Fish Food For dams, aquaponics, ponds, aquariums, growout industry, stocking groups

General public welcome (min purchase $50).

  Delivery by bus or air to most locations, also delivery by our vehicle as required.

  Pick up available by prior arrangement.



Our Fish (click on name of fish for more info

and here for pricing)


Silver Perch 5 cm Mid-Feb; 15 cm March/April; 300-500g Available

Golden Perch Mid-February

Jade Perch Available

Spangled Perch Available

Australian Bass Available

Murray Cod Available

Barramundi Mid-February

Catfish - February

Saratoga 10-12 cm Mid-February; Other sizes n/a

Sleepy Cod February/March

Pacific Blue-eye - Available

Rainbowfish - Available

Gudgeons Firetailed and Empire Available Southern Purple Spotted n/a

Redclaw Available

Freshwater Shrimp Available

Glassfish - Available




Aquaponic Systems

Earth Aquaponics Affordable systems ideally suited for Backyard

or Courtyard Information and Prices


We also supply the following products and services

Aeration Systems, Pumps

Swimming Pool to Pond Conversion

Consultancy Service

Payment by Installment available for all products and services.

All Sales and Enquiries:

Ph: 0403 043 819



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